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Agora is a dynamic platform that connects entrepreneurs from emerging and frontier Agora offers a unique opportunity for impact-driven professionals and institutions to engage in skills-based advisory and make a difference. Join a cohort of like-minded individuals and work directly with an entrepreneur in emerging and frontier economies to help solve their business challenges and pave the way for their growth.

If you have expertise in areas such as finance, marketing, human resources, sales, operations, digital innovation, and more, and are willing to commit some of your time, apply to be a pro-bono advisor. Ideal candidates are comfortable with ambiguity, have strong research skills, a high emotional intelligence, and above all, love supporting businesses.

To join, simply register your profile. Upon registration, you will be able to connect directly with enterprises or receive connections from enterprises seeking your expertise, and when you see an enterprise, you want to volunteer for you can begin the matching process.

Make an immediate impact in the business community from emerging and frontier economies, use your professional skills for good, and grow your network. Ready to support the growth of a business owner? Apply now.

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By partnering with a pro bono advisor, enterprises can tap into a wealth of experience and expertise, leading to increased growth, competitiveness, and long-term success